"It is not, Anon."

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What dubstep sounds like to your parents.



Look down your shirt and spell “attic.”





Jungmin dancing to 3 by Britney Spears + vs. Jokwon



Park Bomsusu - YOU AND I

(I’m sorry I can’t sing like Bom OTL but I am a guy after all)

No matter what happens, even when those skinny bitches take you
I’m gon kill them, and then…I’m gon eat you (nom nom)

Oh oh, oh oh, oh oh, yeah yeah

You, when I feel incomplete, I can turn you into
Anything I wanna eat, like a muffin, not a piece of meat
And you, when no one understands, the endless love I have for you
You’re my baby boo and I just wanna tell you what I’m feeling

No, no burgers anymore, that is shit is all for hoes
That don’t know what is corn and don’t have legs like Bom
But I don’t wanna spend tonight eating a cupcake
I just need that corn fix right, I promise, boy oh oh

You and I together, you just taste so good
You’re a nom nom in my Bom Bom
And whether on a plate or stick, get in my belly
You and I together, all your kernels on your cob
You’re a num num in my tum tum
And I will never let you get away from me again

Even if my trainer makes you leave
I’ve got another hidden, he won’t see
Stealthily I’ll just eat another cob
None of that canned shit for me
Nobody can take corn away from me
Fuck you all and let me eat in peace!
You’re the only one and I’ll forever nom you baby


Just you and I…forever…or like, until I finish you
Then like, I’ma get another corn and I’ma eat that one too
Om nom nom. Mm. Nom.

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Miley Cyrus: Rumor has it Daniel Radcliffe has a crush on me.

Daniel: I… what’s her name?

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I can’t stop laughing.

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Just think about it people.

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LOL. Oh, dear.

J: Maybe he just stank or maybe the gel in his hair bothered you, and you didn't want to get it in your hair.