The original four.


top 15 favorite cartoons of all time | #03 | DANNY PHANTOM (2004 - 2007)

Tucker: Wait, you guys kissed?
Danny & Sam: No! It was a fake-out make-out!

Oh man… hands down my favorite half-ghost and half-human to ever exist. I don’t understand why this got cancelled but I really did love this show. From the characters, to the plot, to the development between the characters (Danny and Sam, anyone? That was so obvious it hurt.) and the humor… did I mention the characters? Cuz I gotta say this show had some pretty freaking awesome villains. In particular, I really liked the Box Ghost, lol and Vlad. But I’m sure my most favorite villain is Ember. Oh god that girl can sing, and that song really was catchy. Same with the theme song! I’m sure everyone knows and loves it. Bottom line: Love it. Will still love it forever. Danny is awesome. I really enjoyed his character development a lot. Just so much love!


top 15 favorite cartoons of all time | #05 | CODENAME: KIDS NEXT DOOR (2002 - 2008)
Nigel Uno: Kids Next Door, battle stations!

This was, quite possibly, one of the coolest cartoons to ever come up on Cartoon Network. I think my favorite episode will always be B.R.A. The acronyms that were given to every single episode was amusing. I mean “Battle Ready Armor”?? Oh boys! Plus the friendship and relationship between the group always had me going AWW! Every single episode is an adventure, every single line is something witty and quotable. Even the side characters were amazing. The last episode, with Nigel leaving and whatnot, brought me to tears OKAY. It was just very very sad. Also, I shipped Kuki/Wally hard. Yes sir. KND will always be one of my favorites, what with their huge hands and huge feet and huge adventures.

Embrace the nostalgia.

you know this song.

every word. 

every syllable.

every letter.

every accent.

 every punctuation.

 every pause.



Six Flags had one of the best commercials EVER.



Moon Crystal Power Make Up! - High Definition Region 2 Remastered Footage


Dear Darla, I hate your stinking guts. You make me vomit. You are scum between my toes. Love, Alfalfa.